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Convert to IPA

Want to convert text to its phonemic transcription? With the tool below, we have made it simpler than ever.

For a given language, use the drop down menu to select the rule set we have provided or click on the "Upload Rules" button to upload your own. If an existing rule set is selected, a keyboard will be displayed showing the translatable characters for that grammar. For the text to be translated, either type the desired text or click on the "Upload Text" button to upload your text file.

Hit the "Translate" button to present the translated phonemic representation below!


Select a language to reveal the translatable characters.

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Keyboard configuration supported only for existing rules.
Our translation program encrypts Hangul syllable blocks rather than individual characters for consonants and vowels. There are roughly 11,000 translatable syllable blocks, so presenting a keyboard is not ideal. Click here to download a list of the translatable syllable blocks that you can copy and paste into the text input area.
Some letters/symbols may need to appear in combination to produce a "legal" translation.
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Phonemic Representation:

One or more orthographic characters were not translated. Make sure you are using the proper orthography for the language in question.